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Andre Steffens

Started doing dj mixes since I was 18 and grew up on HINRG, dance, disco, sleaze. Big fan of The Saint in NYC. Switched to digital a few years back and do all my mixing with MixMeister software now. I currently produce 3 series of vibes: SpiritDance which is a buddha bar/cafe del mar kind of downtempo grooves, DanceFloor which is mainstream dance/progressive house and TeaDance which is Progressive house, nrg and vocal trance.

Toronto , Canada

Style: Progressive Trance -
 Influences: Warren Gluck, Michael Fierman, Robbie Leslie, Josh Harris, Dave Aude
 Shows / Residencies: None.

Top Friends

Spirit Dance Volume 07
1557TeaDance Volume 09 front
1557DanceFloor Series Volume 10 cover
1557DanceFloor Series Volume 11_front
1557DanceFloor Series volume 12 front
1557TeaDance Vol 06 cd cover front
New Years 2008 front
1557TeaDance Vol 07 cover

Andre Steffens , Toronto

25979_384247406398_716481398_5465903_7744252_n 1557new years 2009 cd2
1557TeaDance Series Volume 10
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